> SpiderMan Party - Caden (4)

Spider Man Cake with light-up topper
The dude - ready for the party to start - costume and all!
Yahoo!  (note Emily's sly smile in the forefront)
Spidey (yes, this will also be his halloween costume this year)
Sibling Love
Goodie Bags
Dad getting the party started right (note the new kitchen!)
Lined up and ready to do the pinata - masks on!
Thanks to Barry (Elias' dad) for managing the crowd and Charlie (Beckett's dad) for the pinata skill
Go Caden!  (too bad the pinata was made of THICK cardboard - had to tear it open with our hands)
Cake time!  (wait, is it falling apart already?)
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...
mmmmm...neon blue frosting and all
Hungry kids waiting for cake
Yep - that's ice cream in his hand