> Ocean Reef 2011

My friend Ann came to visit the first day.  It was so great to see her!
Alethea (Ann's daughter) and Caden at the beach
Em playing in the sand
we had weather in the 80s which was so nice!
Swimming at the pool at Cullen's cousin's house.
We gave Emily a scooter for her birthday.  She loves it!
In the grass behind our condo
Great place for fishing and watching wildlife
Caden caught this fish with his Toy Story pole!
Em and Grandpa
Jump for Joy!
Fly away...out to the ocean
"One..."  two three JUMP
Our transportation for the week.
Em and Grandma at the ice cream shop
Also known as the coffee shop
The girls
Windblown as we boat through the mangroves
On Grandpa's boat
Navigation time!
A little tennis in the driveway
And some scooting (she insists on putting the helmet on herself)
back to the beach!
happy in the sunshine
building, digging, piling...
eating lunch!
views of beach life...
Mai Tai
burying the kids in the sand - tradition!
happy sand crabs
end of the day ice cream...hip hip